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Offers a wide range of Disposable Food tray Products.
Sashimi Trays
{{{{Sushi Trays{{{{Meat Trays/Shabu Shabu Trays{{{{Bento Box
Donburi/Stew Container
{{{{ Delicatessen Trays/Party Trays {{{{Clear Packaging
All Purpose Trays/Unagi Tray

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Party Tray TSO Series@iTSO I[hu@tj

Bento Box TSR Series@icTSRʂ@tnj

Offers a wide range of food packaging products.
Fruits Caps
xxBalanxxAbsorbent PaperxxxWaterproof PaperxxxRisers/Ice Packxxx
Wooden Sppon, chopstickxxDecorative PanelsxxxCooking PaperxxxFood Wrapping FilmsxMeat CellophaneFuroshiki
Cooking PaperxxxShoyu, Wasabi Ageless Food Label Paper Lunchbox Foodmodel

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Offers a wide range of Japanese Kitchen wares
Sushi Robot
xxxNorimaki CutterxxxSushi related itemsxxxCookwarexxxTableware
Japanese handmade knife
xxxWrapping Film CutterxxxWrapping Machine
Onigiri Mold
xxRice Mold

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Full Line of Hygiene Products
3ply Surgical Face Masks
xxx2ply Face MasksxxxNon Woven Capsxxxother Non Woven Items
PVC Disposable Gloves
xxxClear Sanitary MaskxxxCleaning Counter Cloths

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