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Vinegar Mixer-Sharirobo-KUBOTA
KS726-CB kubota商用型醋飯機
 クボタ しゃりロボ-業務用自動酢合わせ機

We offer Two Types ofJapan-made Rice Washer

◆MIX-RESET-COOLING-FINISH simple operation
-Once the rice and vinegar are loaded into the Tank, the only other action necessary is to press the
Start Switch to enable the Shari Robo to automatically prepare the Vinegared Rice. A buzzer and flashing
lamp announces when the operation is completed.

振動旋轉攪拌法 (日本專利號: 2007415)

使桶體在各方向振動的同時平穩旋轉, 確保已蒸熟的大米和醋理想混合並冷卻。製成醋飯的 Shari (醋飯)柔軟、可口, 如同出自專業壽司大廚之手。 還可以選擇適當的冷卻風量進行快速或慢速冷卻。

Size(尺寸): 620x750x1,140mm
Weigh(重量)t: 59kg
Capacity(最大處理量): 6.0kg
Time to finish(標準負裁量): 4mins(6.0kg)
Voltage(消耗効率): AC220/230/240V 50/60Hz 230/310W Max: 350/350W

* carried certain stocks in Hong Kong. For details, please contact us.
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