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Žñ•Å >ŽY•i „~–[Ý”õ‹y—p•i@„ “dŸ†ŽÏ”Ñ‹@ (ˆê‘wˆ½‘½‘w)@ƒtƒWƒ}ƒbƒN@‹Æ–±—p“d‹CŽ©“®†”ÑŠí


Rice Cooker-FUJIMAK
Fujimak “dŸ†ŽÏ”Ñ‹@ (ˆê‘wˆ½‘½‘w)

We offer Electric Automatic Rice Cooker from Japan

ŸMain features:
-Material: Stainless steel.
-Highly efficient, powerful heating element.
-Pull the drawer fully outwards and downstairs. The pan can be taken out without putting your hand into the hot area.
-A round aluminium-finish rice pan complete with lid come with each deck of the rice cooker.
-The feet are adjustable in the height.

Specification(—ÞŒ^)-FRC108NB/FRC108NC :
Size(ŽÚ¡): 750x600x934mm
Weight(d—Ê): 120kg
Capacity(Å‘吆”Ñ—Ê): 2.8-10kg

* carried certain stoks in Hong Kong. For details, please contact us.
Œ»—L‘¶‰Ý. —L萏ڏî, ¿äo‰ä˜ì—ü—.