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Cooking PaperiƒNƒbƒLƒ“ƒOƒy[ƒp[j

Size 265x240mm
80pcs x 2 Roll/Bag
Packing: 6 Bag/Carton

Material: Natural Pulp Non Woven
Made in Japan

The J Cooking Paper is made from Natural Pulp Fine-Nonwoven material giving the product
enormous resistance and absorption.
It is also durable even wet with high filtration efficiency.
It is an ideal material for oil or water filtering, water or oil absorbent and wiping.

J cooking paper Žg—p“V‘R–؍ސ»¬—DŽ¿‚㙕sD•z—¿,•„‡H•iˆÀ‘S•W€, ‚Á–h…‹y”\‹z‘–‘½éP…•ª˜a–û•ª.
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Used in most of the supermarkets and food factory in Hongkong.